Sunday, December 9, 2012

Days Like This

It's days like this where I realize what I have. For some reason, I have those special days when my blessings really are made evident to me. 

Where I'm with family and friends,

when I have lots of GOOD food,

and my health is where it should be. 

It's days like this when I know that my ED past is a blessing in disguise. Everyone that has been with me these last 17 years have been supporting through the bad times and picked me up when I fell. I struggled with food for such a long time but now? I appreciate every single second that God gives me. 

That smile that I faked before meeting my friends? 
It's real now. 

The anxiety before eating a meal?

The frustration I felt when I didn't exercise everyday for a certain amount of time? 
Who the heck cares? 

There is much more to life than food and exercise! I think many people forget about that when they are trying to live a healthy life. Mental and emotional health is just as important, if not more important, than physical health! Never let anything or anyone hinder you from having fun :) 

Eat out once in a while, have a rest day and spend time with your loved ones. 
Because that my friends, is when you are truly living. 

God bless my loves, and have a great night<3 

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