Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIAW #4 {Before Turkey Day!}

Hello beautiful people! 
Today marks the first day of Thanksgiving break and I already can't wait to get down on some yummy eats coming tomorrow :) 
But more importantly, I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and friends on this special day and to reflect on all the blessings that I have. I definitely don't deserve anything that's given to me, yet God gives unconditionally! I think the most powerful thing you can give to someone is love. 
I hope you all spread lots of that this holiday season<3

Food, glorious food! It really makes the world go round. 
Who is the genius who came up with this?! 
Oh right, Miss Jenn! You rock girl. 
Like I said in my previous post, warm and comforting is where it's at! 

Soups on soups on soups.

Let's not forget some cravings I had!

How good would this egg be on that pizza? 
Hmm, my next experiment? What do you think? ;)

Lots a veggies, of course! 

My favorite side dish of the week? Asian Kale Salad! 

My mom started to grow kale a few weeks ago and she didn't even know it! A friend of hers (also a garden fanatic) gave her some kale seeds to plant. When I asked what is was, she said she couldn't tell. I plucked a piece off and immediately realized it was kale! 
This salad was bitter yet it balanced with all the flavors with the onions and spices. 
I know there's a lot of kale lovers out there (Heather, cough..) so the recipe will be out very soon! 

As always, it is my tendency to end on a sweet note...

Oh, hellooo. 

Hoping to be back with a Thanksgiving post tomorrow! 
Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone<3


What are you most excited about Thanksgiving? 

Favorite dish? 

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