Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Do You Want To Do?!

Good Morning! How's everyone doing? :) 
Yesterday was Memorial Day and was an off day for a lot of us. I hope that you have had the time to thank all those men and women who served or is serving our country. God bless them! 

I didn't have anything planned yesterday but I wanted to spend the last day with my sister well! She was going back to school today so we started to brainstorm what to do. 
But before we even got ourselves an idea, we literally sat on the couch and watched tv, havin this conversation: 

"What do you want to do?" 
"I don't know. The beach is too hot right?"
" Yeah. Hmm can we go over your friend's house?" 
"I think she's busy..."

It was pretty exhausting haha. But we finally decided to go to our cousin's house to hang out and stay for dinner. 

Before we left, we had lunch! My mom prepared us black bean noodles with veggies. I helped her cook ^^

Time to eat! 

Side dishes: Sautéed roots, kimchi, and radish

When we got to my cousin's house, we talked and caught up with each other. I got the munchies and snacked on this. 

I've seen this popcorn at stores but never had the chance to buy it. It was just okay, but the ingredients were all natural which is a plus for me. I prefer my popcorn to be sweet! I also had some unpictured mango on the side.

Some of us were in charge of the ingredients so we went out to Publix. 

These goofballs wanted to entertain themselves which to them, equals this: 

LOL dance dares are impossible to do when people are constantly moving.

My cousin made us jambalaya and salad for dinner. It was delicious but I didn't snap a picture of it >< 
Then we proceeded to watch Shrek 4 and part of the mermaid discovery show on Animal Planet. It was good until we saw "live footage" of a mermaid encounter. 

I got home around 12 and was ready to face plant my bed! It was a great day with family and food. 


Beasted 4 miles this morning! 

Refueled with a yogurt mess :)

Fage 0%, blueberries, kashi golean, PB puffins

Have a beautiful day! 

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