Friday, May 25, 2012

My First Post!

Hello blog world! 
My name is Alina and I have a passion for food and health. 
I always wanted to make a blog to express my feelings towards having a balance. I hope that you are encouraged by my posts and feel free to talk to me :) I went through an unhealthy relationship with food but finally gave back what my body needed. I will get into depth with my past but for now, let's get to know each other first! 

A few things you should know about me: 
1. I read healthy living blogs like its my job! They inspire to be the best I can be physically, mentally, and emotionally.
2. Because my mom, I started cooking at a very young age. Whenever I have time, I bake for my family and friends! 
3. I was never a athletic person. I was one of those kids who ALWAYS got last place during school fun runs. But now, I find my self enjoying exercise and do it everyday. 

I hope that starting this blog will help me be be accountable for school, fitness and nutrition as I find myself again.
Thank you for stopping by! 

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